Reebok and other brands are breaking up with CrossFit


Sports brands, including Reebok, have refused to cooperate with the CrossFit physical training program.

The reason for breaking relationships and public criticism was a tweet by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman in response to a message from the Institute for Health Indicators and Mapping (IHME) that “racism is a health issue”. Mr. Glassman commented: “This is FLOYD-19” (similar to the coronavirus COVID-19).

The head of CrossFit and the company itself were immediately charged with racism and disrespect to the deceased. Reebok, who has been the title sponsor of CrossFit Games for ten years, said that he has no intention of negotiating an extension of the contract, which ends this year. Many gyms affiliated with CrossFit, which promotes the training system branded by Mr. Glassman, have also announced the break-up of relations.

Greg Glassman later apologized for his tweet, noting that the tweet was “not racist, but a mistake.” He shared his angry message at IHME: “I tried to puncture IHME, whose failed models had become the basis of an unnecessary, destructive economy, ruining lives of isolation, and when I saw that they were now offering a solution to our racial crisis, I did not believe my eyes; I was angry and overly emotional. But it was wrong to bring George Floyd’s name into this case.

Recall that over the weekend demonstrations were held in American cities to protest the death of African-American George Floyd under the slogan “The lives of blacks are important. Among the demands of the protesters was not only a reduction in the number of law enforcement guards and deprivation of their “military” equipment and special means, but also the complete dispersal of police, police, and police forces in the area. Democrats are preparing to reform the law enforcement system, which should make it more humane.

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