Adidas has turned classic sneakers into slippers

The company has transformed its popular Superstar and Stan Smith sneakers into comfortable and beautiful home shoes.

Technically, before us it was just sneakers without a backrest – a kind of slipper with laces. The top is made of leather, while the sole is made of plastic. Shoelaces are present, but play an exclusively decorative role and do not untie. Such solutions first began to appear in the mid-’70s and have now again become popular with people from a variety of social groups.

Such shoes are easy to put on and take off, convenient to wear, and can be used at home, as opposed to ordinary slippers. They are also suitable for leisurely walks around the city. There are already statements from the company that the new shoes will be ideal for long walks, as they will be able to withstand the regime of self-isolation.

The manufacturer presented several color options for each of the models. Thus far, Stan Smith is available in bright yellow, white, and dark blue versions. In the latter case, the surface of the shoe is also printed, reminiscent of white flowers on a background.

Like the Superstar model, it is available in four colors: black, white, light green, and pale pink. Thus black and white models are actually mirror reflections of each other – that at one white, at another, and at the same time, black.

The novelties are already available at the price of about $70 (green and pink versions are a little cheaper). You can buy them online, as well as in some branded Adidas shops.

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